We have a ordinated winery where we stored wine of all tre moast
important region of Slovenia. There are "štajersko Slovenska, dolenjska, kraško primorska. We have native and tradicional wine.

From these part of Slovenia we offer wine from Maribor, Radgonsko-Kapelskega and Slovenskih goric.
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We offer you wine Traminec
, Šipon, modri Pinot (burgundec) and of course champagne made on traditional metode .
Specialite are fruit champagne with minor 9.7% alchol stage on scharman's metod at winery Frangež
From these winery we have special champagne made from Traminec made on classic way.
We olso offer you open wine from stajerska like dry or medium dry.
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"POSAVSKI" wine region
From these part of Slovenia we offer open Slovenian native wine "Cviček" from winery Martinčič.
Bottled wine "modra Frankinja"
"sivi pinot" (knight wine from 2010) and wine Neža iz dry grape selection .


Wine of Slovenian istria
We offer you wine "Malvazija" and "Refoško" from winery "Vina Koper".
Speciality of these winery is red wine "Shiraz" and noble white wine
We raccomand wine "Malvazija" and "Merlot" from farm "Rodica" organicaly grown
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Wine of Slovenian karst
We racomanded wine from farm "Štoka". Red native wine karst "Teran"
white wine "Vitovska Grganja" . We offer you olso white wine"Cara". this is mist of "malvazia" "chardonnay"and "vitovska Grganja" olso an red wine "Carcus" mist of "Teran", "merlot" and "Cabernet Sauvignon".

wine of Vipaco
We offer you native white wine "Zelen" and "Pinela"
from farm union "Zaloščan" and red native "Barbera" from winery "Saksida"   . From these region we offer you olso ather wine from winary "Batič" .
Speciality from these winary semi-dry rose from Cabernet Sauvignon.
Winary "Batič" white wine "sivi pinot" , "rebula", "Chardonnay Sauvignon" and "Bounissimus" Buonissimus is an mist of "sivi pinot", "Schardonnaya", "Pinele" and Zelen".Special wine from these winary is wine from the dry grape selection fromvine Rebula .
Of red wines we racommend "merlot", "Cabernet Franc" and "Rosso". Rosso is mist of"Cabernet Sauvignon", "Cabernet Franc" and "Merlot" .

Wine form region Goriška brda
We offre you wine "Cabernet Souvignnon" from winery "Toroš", wine from winery "Goriška brda", trade mark "Bagueri", and bottled red and white wine from winery "Toroš", "Bužinel" and "Dolfo" .

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